Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's something you don't see every day

I'm training for a 5K.  Big whoop, you say, but this is me.  


So, now that you've picked yourself off the floor, be reassured that I will approach even this most  seemingly physical of endeavors with as ruminative and navel-gazing a perspective as ever.  Already I'm convinced of at least 3 great "life lessons" learned from my 2 weeks (so far) of haphazard training.  But the most wonderful part is that I haven't quit yet.  And it hasn't been nearly as impossible as I would've thought.  Or at least, the really hard parts are completely different/opposite from what I thought they would be.  But more on that in later posts.

Already I'm up to running 2.5 miles without stopping to walk.  Yes.  For me that's the best cardio-vascular performance I've ever had in my life, except perhaps in the fog of some netherworld dance-clubbing days.  And those certainly weren't exactly healthy days . . . 

But off I go to bed now, since this "training" things works a whole lot better if I get something resembling sleep at least 5 nights a week.


kudzu bob said...

When the swine flu mutates and turns everybody in your suburb into crazed, flesh-eating zombies you'll be mighty glad you got into shape, believe you me.


anjoo said...

Hey but aren't zombies the new happenin' thing? "High School Musical - Zombie year," anyone?