Sunday, June 22, 2008

some pomes (yes, that's how they're spelled) in progress


Did it hurt Adam to wake
     from that sleep?

From his body she was born;
   screaming into agony of birth -
flesh from her flesh torn.

Desire will heal the contagion

and she will die from this who was
too much loved.



         "Never will I forsake you; Never will I leave you."

he promised.
So why did the happy ending hurt so much?
Goodnight sweet prince
savior, Lord.

alone at the foot of the cross
blind hands and empty -
he's gone.

why then does she stay to live
when the sword has pierced her too?

she would have kissed those feet again
and again with her tears,
or wine to ease the pain
but he refused.

she would have followed him
though the others
turned away

so she stays
in the rough sand
scraping out the shape

of His name.

~ apologies to J. K. Rowling

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